The Game of Thrones scenarios in Girona

Game of Girona guided tour

Guided visit to the Game of Thrones scenarios in Girona

Game of Thrones has been issued in 173 countries, and in the United States has obtained more than 20 million viewers… Girona plays a leading role in the 6th season.

Learn how it all started, where it occurred, all the particulars, anecdotes and scenarios. Jump across the screen and enjoy Game of Thrones for 2 hours.
You can sit down to the throne to take pictures.

Llengua: Anglès

Lloc: Girona

Província: Girona

País: Spain

Nivell d’activitat: Apte per a tothom

Durada del servei: 2 hours aprox,

Preu EU - Euro: 20 € per person


Programació d’horaris:


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Galeria d’imatges:

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