The Dalinian codes in Figueres

Visita guiada Codis Dalinians

The Dalinian codes in Figueres

Visita guiada Codis Dalinians


What sound the mathematical codes? We take a guided tour to discover Dalinians Codes in Figueres, in The Salvador Dalí’s Museum Theater where we will know the artist through its maximum artistic work, The Theater, where we will identify his codes.

“ It is obvious that exist other worlds, it is sure, but, as I said so many times, these other worlds are inside us. They reside on earth and precisely in the centre of the Museum Dalí’s dome, where there is an unsuspected and hallucinating Surrealism world”. Salvador Dalí

Dalinians Codes is the comprehensive study of which is the painting of the greatest Surrealist artist.

We could say that since he was born in 1904, Dalí was surrounded by ideal circumstances to develop what will be his work.

And it is the vertex that joins the Catalan Thought, history and culture, therefore, let’s dive into the Dali’s world in the Dali’s Museum Theater and enjoy discovering it!

Dalí certainly represents the high point of a rich cultural era, melting together the Catalan way of thinking, history and artistic expression. Let’s take the chance to discover all this, entering Dalí’s world in the Theatre Museum.

Don’t forget to wear good shoes and want to imagine!!!

Llengua: Anglès

Lloc: Figueres

Província: Girona

País: Spain

Nivell d’activitat: Apte per a tothom

Durada del servei: 2h 30 min (aprox.)

Preu EU - Euro: €150


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