The Albufera lagoon, declared natural park

Albufera boat tour

Located at 11 kms. south of the city, and set between rice paddies and the sea, closed off by the geological embrace of the mouths of the Turia and Júcar rivers, the Albufera Natural Park is a paradise for migratory birds and a recreational area for the city and its surroundings municipalities.

Stop at the Lookout point of the lake located next to the first lock on the El Saler roa

Racó de L’Olla:
– Informative Area (panels and audiovisuals about the Albufera)
– Interpretation Area (an itinerary in order to know directly the typical ecosystems of this area: its fauna and flora)
– Boat rides and possibility to have lunch in the island of el Palmar (this is a nice village closely connected with the fishing trade)

The different itineraries can be modified and adapted to the needs of the customers.

Llengua: Anglès

Lloc: Albufera

Província: Valencia

País: Spain

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