Tarragona: Guided Tout for local students of English

Tarragona English tour

Yeah! Why not? If you are an intermediate English student join this tour to practice both your listening and speaking skills while you know about Tarragona. We learn about its Roman past and its most important monuments, such as the wall, the Circus and the Amphitheatre.
Throughout the tour, you learn new vocabulary related to history, architecture and art. In addition, you will be invited to answer questions in order to participate in the experience and practice your oral expression.

Recommended to intermediate English learners.
<-- Mari Carmen Granados-->

Llengua: Anglès

Lloc: Tarragona

Província: Tarragona

País: Spain

Nivell d’activitat: Apte per a tothom

Durada del servei: 1,5 hours

Preu EU - Euro: 15€ / person


Programació d’horaris:

Thursdays at 6 p.m.

No inclòs:

Galeria d’imatges:

* La informació publicada dels serveis s’actualitza periòdicament, però recomenem consultar-ne la seva vigència amb anterioritat.