Stone Wine at Seu Vella Cathedral


In this guided tour we will try to discover how the Seu Vella is made of wine. We will find grapes, vintage scenes and a long etc of wineries iconography that are represented everywhere in the sculpture of the cathedral. So, accompany us to make a tasting of this special wine, from a variety of grapes that are only given in the city of Lleida, the Seu Vella Stone Wine.

Llengua: Anglès

Lloc: Lleida

Província: Lleida

País: Spain

Nivell d’activitat: Apte per a tothom

Durada del servei: 1h 30min

Preu EU - Euro: Starting at € 10 per person


Programació d’horaris:

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No inclòs:

Monument tickets.

Galeria d’imatges:

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