Pompeii guided tour

Pompeii guided tour


Pompeii is Italy’s most important archaeological area buried under the ash of the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in 79. A.D. It was discovered in the 18th Century perfectly preserved. The walking tour lasts 2 hours; During the tour, you will walk through the Forum (Square)of this amazing commercial city, discover the ancient Domus(house) and public buildings, shops, and the plaster cast of the victims.

Llengua: Anglès

Lloc: Pompei

Província: Naples

País: Italy

Nivell d’activitat: Mig

Durada del servei: 2h

Preu EU - Euro: on request


Programació d’horaris:

time to be agreed
This tour can be combined with a tour of Hercolaneum.

No inclòs:

no tickets

Galeria d’imatges:

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