A journey to the past

A journey to the past


We’re in the south of Lanzarote, specifically in the Natural Monument of Los Ajaches, the first part of the island to emerge from the ocean about 12 million years ago.

It is an activity that combines history and nature, in search of the remains of what was the first Canarian city of the modern era, the city of Rubicón.

The Punta Papagayo area is mainly visited for its beautiful beaches of fine white sand; but there is much more than beaches in this area, and you will discover it with this unique experience that allows you to discover one of the most touristic places in Lanzarote, from a different point of view.

In the first part of the experience we approach Playa Mujeres, discovering one of the lime kilns on the island. We continue our way until we reach the Rubicón area, where the Conquest of the Canary Islands began.

The route continues along the wonderful beaches of fine white sand at the southernmost tip of the island, moving between coves and ravines.

Playa Mujeres (Women Beach) and a lime kiln
The remains of the old town of Rubicón
Stop at one of the small beaches of the area

Llengua: Anglès

Lloc: Lanzarote

Província: Las Palmas

País: Spain

Nivell d’activitat: Mig

Durada del servei: 3 hours

Preu EU - Euro: 35


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We start at 9:30 am
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