History and flavours of Escornalbou tour

Guided tour - Escornalbou - Mari Carmen Granados

History and flavours of Escornalbou tour

Guided tour - Escornalbou - Mari Carmen Granados

Riudecanyes, town of Baix Camp, is located in the inland of the region, between Argentera Mountain Range and Costa Dorada.

This small town of just over 1,000 inhabitants became the capital of the Barony of Escornalbou, an ancient jurisdictional territory created in the 12th century.

Escornalbou is also the name of a mountain located 700 metres above sea level and 4 km from Riudecanyes.

In the 12th century, after the Reconquest, King Alfonso I of Catalonia and Aragon ordered the construction of an Augustinian church and monastery on this mountain. The monastery was in operation until the 19th century. After decades of neglect, the Reus diplomat Eduardo Toda acquired the old building to rebuild it as a private residence. Nowadays the Castle Monastery of Sant Miquel de Escornalbou is one of the most beautiful monuments in the province of Tarragona.

The name of the mountain and its castle is also the name of another heritage element of this region: the Escornalbou Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This product is made in Riudecanyes Cooperative and has become an important brand of identity for the people of the old Barony.

With this route we will visit the Castle Monastery of Escornalbou and the Interpretation Centre Fruits of Landscape, in Riudecanyes:


The visit to the Castle will take us back to the Middle Ages to talk about the monastery period and also, at the beginning of the 20th century, when Eduardo Toda transformed the old monastic outbuildings into his residence: we will visit the luxurious halls and bedrooms of the house and we will talk about the fascinating figure of E. Toda who, besides being a diplomat, was a traveller, Egyptologist, art collector and humanist in general.

After the visit we will go to Riudecanyes, where we will know the world of the olive tree and the olive oil. The Interpretation Centre is located in the former facilities of the Cooperative, which currently houses an old oil mill and a hydraulic press, as well as exhibition and audiovisual panels. At the end of the visit you can taste the Escornalbou Extra Vigin Olive Oil oil, made in Riudecanyes.

Llengua: Anglès

Lloc: Riudecanyes

Província: Tarragona

País: Spain

Nivell d’activitat: Lleuger

Durada del servei: 2,5 hours

Preu EU - Euro: 12,5€ per person. 11,5€ for retirees and under 25s.


Programació d’horaris:

Subject to availability and prior consultation.

No inclòs:

Tasting of bread and olive oil.
The transfer between the olive groves and Riudecanyes is done in the visitors’ own vehicle, following the guide.

Galeria d’imatges:

* La informació publicada dels serveis s’actualitza periòdicament, però recomenem consultar-ne la seva vigència amb anterioritat.

Autor: M.Carme Granados

El meu nom és M. Carme Granados i sóc de Reus. La meva passió per les humanitats em va portar a cursar la llicenciatura d’Història de l’Art a la Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Més tard vaig tenir ocasió d’especialitzar-me cursant el Màster Oficial en Gestió del Patrimoni Cultural de la Universitat de Barcelona. La importància del turisme per a la valoració i la conservació de la nostra cultura i per a la dinamització econòmica i social que desenvolupa, em va dur a orientar la meva carrera professional cap aquest camp. Així doncs, què millor que ser guia turística per viure de prop l’art, la cultura i la història i, poder així, transmetre-les als visitants. He treballat com a monitora de tallers infantils i sènior, com guia i informadora de museus i altres centres culturals, també he tingut ocasió de treballar en la gestió d’alguns museus i evidentment, com a guia turística especialitzada en la província de Tarragona.