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Hello everybody!
My name is Angela and I was born in Lanzarote. I've been working as a guide more than 14 years and I still love showing the island to our visitors. I am proud of the island where I was born and lived practically all my life, except for some college years, a year in Cardiff and a summer in Norway where I moved to guide groups from cruises. The world is hugh and there are beautiful places everywhere but Lanzarote is truly a magical and a very different island with an unique landscape. You may like it or you can hate it, but if you look at carefully, you will realize that it is a very different island with a dramatic, amazing and unspoiled landscape. I know it's not always easy to see the beauty of an arid and a volcanic area, but I look forward to having the chance to show you my island and transmit my love for Lanzarote. Neither we, the conejeros, knew appreciate the beauty of Lanzarote till Cesar Manrique showed us to look at. Lanzarote has always been the Cinderella of the Canaries, where life was very hard, but we managed to learn from it, observe nature and get the best fruit with patience and with respect to the island. After all, it is our home. I look forward to showing you the beauties of Lanzarote. Regards, Angela


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